Spokane, WA United States of America

FREE Calgary Workshop: Lean Management


Brian Williams of StratIQ Consulting is proud to bring the Lean Management Workshop to Calgary, Alberta for the first time!

Brian has trained multiple businesses in various sectors across North America on the significance of strong leadership and lean operations during difficult times. Whether you’re an independent financial advisor, manufacturer, law professional or retail business owner, you’ll leave this workshop with a better understanding on how to:

·     Lead in an era of dynamic change

·     Create a self-sustaining marketing program

·     Develop an efficient operations model

Tickets are free, so we encourage you to bring your team members.

RSVP here: https://goo.gl/GEDqHC   


Brian Williams is the founder of StratIQ Consulting, a company committed to providing valuable strategic marketing, operations, coaching, and finance consulting to startups and emerging and growing mid-sized businesses. With over 25 years of experience in the banking, insurance, retail, and defense intelligence sectors, Brian brings a diverse background to every client engagement with a focus on developing successful sales, marketing, and leadership programs.

Prior to devoting all of his energy to StratIQ Consulting, Brian spent 10 years in the US Army serving as a ranger and intelligence officer. After leaving active duty, he completed his MBA in leadership at the University of Washington. Brian is a proven motivator with a successful track record of leading local, regional, and national teams to achieve meaningful revenue goals. He also has experience with driving cost-effective talent acquisition; creating interdependent teams, profitable sales programs, and vision; and executing well-developed strategies. You can find more information on Brian at 846.7f2.myftpupload.com.