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First Who: Why You Need a Team Before a Detailed Plan

When you run a business, it can seem impossible to stay on top of everything. Finances, production, your office or sales space and customer satisfaction are just a few of the elements you have to keep track of. In order to make progress and achieve the dreams you have for your business, you may be tempted to develop a detailed plan to help you reach your goals. This is a great idea. But first, you need a team.


As per the advice of business expert and bestselling author, Jim Collins, building a great team and business starts with people. “First who, then what,” he says. By focusing first on the skills and areas of expertise you need on your team, the rest will all come together more smoothly.

Whether you already have a great team or are just starting out, your team is an essential piece that you should constantly be re-evaluating to determine if there are skills or expertise missing that you should add to the mix. With a solid team in place, you can sort out how you’ll work to reach your business’s next goals, using each person’s abilities and strengths to get there.

In business, strategy and finding your own unique algorithm that works for you can be challenging. Determining which skills you need on your team, planning, and making the right steps towards success is not an easy process. But, with the right approach and processes, you can reach your dreams. Discover more about how you can make positive steps towards success in your business by reading StratIQ’s free ebook, The Magic Number: Creating a Personal Algorithm for Success.

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