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90 Day Sales Accelerator

Designed for individuals and sales teams looking to drive explosive sales growth
We currently have openings in our personal coaching programs across North America, starting as low as $250 per month.
For an additional cost, we also offer one and two-day in-person coaching sessions. Group coaching programs are available at a discounted rate for groups of three or more.
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  • Exponentially grow your sales funnel
  • Close more new business
  • Expand existing relationships
Building Strategy

4 Key Components:

  • Identify best candidates and why they are the best prospects for your product or service
  • Develop goal based metrics around activities
  • Daily and weekly accountability
  • Two-way feedback


Successful Outcomes
Kathryn B

Brian is brilliant! As a big picture thinker, I’ve always been very clear on my vision for my business, but I didn’t necessarily know how to get from point A to point B. With StratIQ Consulting’s expertise in business operations and finance consulting, we’ve developed and implemented a strategy that cuts costs and improves our team’s efficiencies, resulting in more opportunity for growth!

Alex Frost
Alex Frost, QuickFlora

Brian has been instrumental in helping us formulate our sales and marketing strategy this year. We highly recommend him to any company looking to make quick forward progress.