Growth Hacking: More Than Just A Buzzword

3 Strategies for Rapid Startup Growth To the uninitiated, the expression “growth hacking” may appear to be a mere catch phrase or marketing slogan. But the truth is that term actually refers to a well-defined and time-tested strategy for driving startup businesses to success. The formal definition, per Wikipedia, is “a process of rapid experimentation […]

Essential Components of Successful New Startups

So, you’re starting a new business! It’s an exciting time, and you’re probably full of great ideas. In addition to your passion and motivation, you’ll need a few other key components to ensure the success of your new startup.

What Coca-Cola, Lululemon, and Tesla teach us about successful new product development

Great product ideas are developed by entrepreneurs on a routine basis. However, very few make the leap from great idea to profitable product.  In the next series of posts I will examine several verticals that include retail, manufacturing, food and beverage from the perspective of a successful product launch. Most startups are not “Unicorns” launched […]