Growth Hacking: More Than Just A Buzzword

3 Strategies for Rapid Startup Growth To the uninitiated, the expression “growth hacking” may appear to be a mere catch phrase or marketing slogan. But the truth is that term actually refers to a well-defined and time-tested strategy for driving startup businesses to success. The formal definition, per Wikipedia, is “a process of rapid experimentation […]

5 Signs an Employee is Prepared to Grow With Your Organization

If you are striving to grow your business quickly, then you should know that promoting from within offers many benefits, including: A shorter learning curve, as your current employee will already know the ends and outs of the business. Similarly, you can be sure that the training and education investments you make in your workforce […]

5 Strategies for Growing a Small Business on a Budget

You have to spend money to make money, says the old axiom. And this is true to a certain degree — especially for anyone who is trying to grow a business. However, there is no reason to get discouraged just because you don’t have a multi-million dollar budget to invest in your company’s future. There […]

The Basics of Financial Planning

Did you get into business because of your passion for finances? While some may answer “yes”, many more will say their reason for getting into business came out of a passion for providing a service or creating a product. This means that many people in business don’t have a background in finances, so keeping up […]

Are You Running a Business or a Hobby?

What’s the major difference between a business and a hobby? While you may be equally passionate about a business or a hobby, there’s one important difference that should inform your planning and decisions: a business needs to make money. If there’s no profit margin, there’s no business. While many businesses occasionally run into the red, […]

Understanding Your Now to Plan for the Future

Stop for a minute. Breathe. What’s going on in your world and business right now? What is your most pressing priority in your life and why? Are you in touch with your personal and professional goals? Are you working to achieve them? Often, we get caught up so deeply in the everyday grind that we […]

How to Keep Up in the Break-Neck World of Business

Do you ever feel like if you take a break, go on vacation, or go home on time, you’ll hurt your business? With the never-ending to-do lists, high expectations and constant demands on your time and attention, it may seem impossible to continue running at the speed of light. The word “resilience” is the answer […]

What Does Running a Business and Solving a Rubik’s Cube Have in Common?

Have you ever tried to solve a Rubik’s cube? Whether you’ve done so successfully or gave up in the attempt, you know that it is a tough puzzle to solve. Just when you get one face of the cube put together, all the same color, everything seems to shift and be ruined as you attempt […]

How to Make the Most Out of Online Networking

With the advent of social media, online networking has become just as important as face-to-face events. What is the online equivalent of the “elevator pitch?” Which social media sites are the most effective for professionals? Is it worth it to only develop one website at the expense of the rest of them? The following suggestions […]