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Strategies for Growth and Organizational Development
Accelerating Growth and Scale
As a business owner you know that growth is essential for both the long and short-term health of your company. The question most firms face is how to scale your business and achieve the profits that make the effort worthwhile. Creating and implementing action-oriented strategies is at the heart of what I have specialized in for the past 20 years. In the past five years alone StratIQ Consulting has helped nearly 75 companies significantly grow revenue.   Nearly half of my clients have doubling sales within the first 12 months.

Our focus is on identifying key components of success:

  • Creating a vision, strategy, and action plan that maximizes the value of your core business or professional service. A 10-year Harvard Business School study (https://hbr.org/product/profit-from-the-core-a-return-to-growth-in-turbulent-times/14655E-KND-ENG) following over 2000 companies found that most businesses fail to fully capitalize on the value of their most important competitive advantage.
  • Developing repeatable and sustainable processes. Scaling an organization requires an approach that ignites continuous growth, requires a periodic review of strategy, business performance, and human capital with assessments that fosterstrategy, coaching, vision, organizational development, leadership, growthgreater operational and financial efficiency.
  • Organizing staffing and support to mitigate or prevent disruptions to the firms core vision and values.  The rapidly changing global business environment impacts Main Street and Wall Street and requires leaders to develop nimble frameworks capable of adapting to current market conditions.
  • Integrating a system for continuous improvement. As industries and sectors change a company must have internal procedures that foster a proactive mindset across all levels of the organization.  One that incorporates lessons learned and applies them to anticipated future states. Because every company is unique this requires a periodic review of strategy, business performance, and human capital with assessments that foster greater operational and financial efficiency.

Organization Development And Team Building

It is no secret that building effective and efficient organizations or teams is one of the keys to peak performance.  However, effectiveness, synergy, teamwork, and efficient use of Human Capital is often elusive frustrating even the most experienced leader.  Most firms invest at least half of their operating budget in human resource staffing.  Investing in a well-constructed Organizational Design can have a dramatic effect on productivity.  The key trait of a high performing organizations is the ability to take decisive actions supporting a motivating vision that energizes individuals, teams, and organizations.  This requires leaders to make better decisions, quickly, and effectively communicate ideas to their key stakeholders.

My work with managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and business professionals shows that acquiring a comprehensive toolkit that empowers leaders to effectively engage people, facilitate behavioral change, and develop a shared culture that produces results built to last.

The StratIQ process is designed to create and implement action-oriented plans aligning people and processes to meet organizational demands.  Core components may include:

  • Strategy assessment to gain understanding of the resources and key stakeholders driving prioritized mission tasks.
  • Staffing inventory that analyzes the current workforce and workload, skills, knowledge library, roles, individual and organizational responsibilities.
  • Organizational Structure review to determine current capabilities, efficiencies, measure output against future requirements and evaluate alternative models.
  • Developing a model for understanding Organizational Behavior.
  • Equipping leaders to evaluate the framework of beliefs, outcomes, and decisions that can energize the mindset of individuals and teams.

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