Business Advisory

Business Advisory Services

As a business owner, you know that growth is essential for your company’s long- and short-term health.
StratIQ works with companies generating $100,000-$5 million in revenue to create and implement action-oriented strategies. Over the last decade, StratlQ Consulting has helped nearly 100 companies grow revenue, reduce costs, hire competent staff, and develop cross-organization efficiencies. Many of our clients double their sales and operating margins within the first 12 months.

Creating value during market volatility

We live in an era of rapid and constant change. Maintaining an agile mindset is a critical organizational attribute that can guide a firm through turbulent environments. Instilling discipline in teams to execute a strategy marks the difference between ideas and results. StratIQ strives to deliver our clients a competitive advantage by implementing strategic moves, collecting meaningful data, and pursuing measurable results that enable firms to win in the marketplace.

Developing a Strategy

Creating a strategy requires a company to assess and balance short and long-term needs. Firms face ongoing competition and threats in the marketplace and need the nimbleness to capture opportunities proactively. Within this framework, a company can create an organization focused on delivering results and built to thrive in any environment.
StratIQ will work with you to develop strategies to bridge the gap between the practical and the aspirational, engaging the firm to gain quick wins while implementing systems that drive innovation, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

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StratIQ's offerings include:

Strategy design, development, and implementation

Organizational development staffing and skills management

Performance and goal tracking

Innovation workshops

Financial Transformation

With a 20-year track record in Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Accounting, StratIQ can help you design a financial plan that works for you and your business. Will will analyze your financial statements and future goals, assess opportunities, and create a financial vision that drives growth, profit, and return on investment.

Financial Planning and Analysis services include:

  • Budgeting, resource allocation, and forecasting
  • Working capital management and cost management
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Fractional CFO/Controller