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5 Ways to Increase Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness is the key to getting things done and making progress in your business. If your organization has low effectiveness, it means that it may take a long time to convert plans into reality or that people are doing their jobs, but they’re not producing the right results. What can you do to increase your organization’s effectiveness? Here are five methods:

  1. Know Your Mission and Communicate It

Every business, no matter how small, needs a mission. Whether you’re a two-person team or a group of 20 employees, everyone needs to be in on the mission and know what the desired outcomes for the company are. With this clear, everyone can work towards meeting the mission.

  1. Give People What They Need

Imagine trying to write an email without a computer. Tricky, right? While you probably have avoided severe deficiencies in your organization, it’s always wise to reevaluate periodically. Do your staff need training in any areas? Do you need to bring in an expert? Do you need to update any software? Without the proper tools, it’s hard to be effective.

  1. Create Helpful Processes

Meetings, check-in points, and organizational diagrams for determining who reports to who can all help things run more smoothly. Processes can increase effectiveness by promoting efficient communication and streamlining repeated activities.

  1. Create a Strategy and Goals

In addition to your mission, you’ll also need specific, short and long-term goals and strategies to help ensure your business is effective. Consider financial goals, product launches or customer service satisfaction levels for some basic goals to reach.

  1. Motivate

A positive, motivating organizational culture is often underrated. However, one of the best ways to be effective is by encouraging open communication and promoting a team atmosphere where everyone feels included.


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