How to Make the Most Out of Online Networking

How to Make the Most Out of Online Networking

With the advent of social media, online networking has become just as important as face-to-face events. What is the online equivalent of the “elevator pitch?” Which social media sites are the most effective for professionals? Is it worth it to only develop one website at the expense of the rest of them? The following suggestions should help you make the most out of online networking:

Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn?

One of the biggest questions about online networking is which website is the best tool for the job. The fact of the matter is that each of the larger social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) are useful for different reasons. Facebook is an invaluable platform for staying in touch with colleagues, and allows for more casual conversations on a number of different topics. Twitter is useful for expanding your circle, particularly through its hashtag system, which allows for searches of specific interests and events. Finally, LinkedIn functions as your electronic resume, and allows others to make recommendations about you based on your skillset.

Ultimately, each website offers different benefits for each different type of networking.

Ways to Have Conversations

Like with your offline “elevator pitch.” you’re going to want to keep any online introductions you have equally short. The most important thing about communicating with anyone is being clear and concise in your goals and what you want. Furthermore, you want to make sure that your interactions are personalized. If you have shared interests, educational backgrounds, or work history, these are all great conversation starters.

Know When to Back Off

Just like offline, people do not always appreciate being continuously hounded by the same person with the same request. If one specific opportunity doesn’t immediately pan out, it isn’t a cause for concern. Just remember that there will always be more opportunities in the future.

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