3 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand Identity

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity is what your potential customers first engage with. Even before they try your products or services, they will be aware of your brand identity. So, how can you achieve a strong brand identity? Here are three basic ways to ensure you’re creating a strong brand:

Address Your Audience

You need to know exactly who your audience is and how to address them so that they feel understood and seen. For example, for the 2014 World Cup, Nike created a mobile soccer app, speaking directly to the needs and interests of soccer enthusiasts around the world. What does your audience need? What are their interests? Speak to them directly with inside jokes and complementary services, or address their emotional needs and struggles.

Be Present and Accessible

In today’s world, consumers expect to be able to find everything they need to know about you online. They need to be able to find information about your team, your products or services, reviews, the company history, and more, easily. Be present with a website, blog and on social media platforms. Engage with your followers regularly. In addition, make sure your website is mobile-friendly as many people now access all information through their phones. Finally, be responsive! If someone messages your Facebook page, answer in a timely fashion. No response will lose you customers.

Fantastic Design

You need a great product or service, but it has to be packaged just right. The attraction of your company begins with packaging including your logo or ambiance. Invest in high quality design that will draw your customers in.

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