Why Organization Is Key for Increasing Revenue

Why Organization Is Key for Increasing Revenue

Ever lost track of an invoice or forgot to bill a client? Small slips like these indicate a larger case of disorganization that can cost you revenue. Processes, staying organized and strategy are key for growing your business.

If you’re wondering what this involves and what you should work on, take a look at these areas you need to consider when improving organization:


When you get a new client, where is their information stored? How do you keep track of invoicing and outstanding bills? How do your sales staff know who to call and when? All of these little things need to be laid out into easy to follow processes that are not overbearing, but rather keep things running like a well-oiled machine. You also need to consider chains of command, even for small businesses. If all questions are directed to you, you’ll have a lot of answering to do.

By implementing processes and sticking to them, you’ll stay on top of your finances and keep your sales process moving. This will help your bottom line.


Organization doesn’t just mean keeping your “now” neat and together; it also involves your business’s future. Set a few goals and make plans for how to reach them. Start out with three goals or less to work towards so that you and your staff know exactly what you need to achieve. As you gain skills in creating and implementing strategies, you can add more.

Sometimes, you need an outside pair of eyes to help identify areas for improvement. Contact StratIQ for personalized strategic business consulting.

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