Secrets to Small Business Sustainability

Secrets to Small Business Sustainability

When you’re running a small business, every detail and decision matters. In our experience working to help entrepreneurs grow and scale sustainable companies, we’ve found three key principles that can be the difference between success and failure.

Delegate More, Manage Less

Your time is valuable, and as an entrepreneur you probably have many tedious tasks that are eating your time and killing your productivity. Focus on using your best skills and completing the tasks that excite you. If you’re procrastinating, dreading or simply not great at certain tasks, delegate them so that you can get back at what you’re good at.

Keep Things Simple

The more simple your programs and projects, the easier they will be to implement. As you grow, you’ll want to veer away from customization as much as possible, especially as you add new employees to the mix. Your efficiencies will directly affect your profitability, so finding ways to template tasks and processes will have a huge impact on your business as it grows.

Be Consistent

While entrepreneurship can be exciting and innovative, it’s the mundane, consistent, day-to-day habits that will make or break your success. Building a business is tough, and if you want to build an empire you have to create a strategy based on action and see it through. You’ll never truly know what works and what doesn’t if what you’re measuring isn’t performed consistently. Give yourself at least six months before judging whether your new initiative, process or structure is a success or failure. Small tweaks can be more powerful than major overhauls.

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