Your Sales Revenue Toolbox

Your Sales Revenue Toolbox

Every sales team needs a toolbox to help them boost revenue. A toolbox? Yes, full of tools! The savviest of sales reps actively use sales tools and their success shows that these tools work, according to a report produced by Linkedin. What are some of the tools you should consider including in your company’s sales toolbox to improve sales and boost revenue?

There are a few basic types of tools, and some software overlaps them, creating a simpler solution. But, some of the basics are:

Customer Relationship Management

This category, also known as CRM, helps sales people track each lead they have going. By use of CRM, the pipeline is tracked on an individual and team level. Smart sales people use this tool to run their own reports to see where their performance can improve.

Email Tracking

Find out which email campaigns are effective and which aren’t by tracking open and click through rates. Then, adjust your strategy for future success!

Social Media Selling

Social media can be time consuming! The age of social media technology has arrived, allowing salespeople to schedule posts and interactions, saving time, but maintaining engagement.

Sales Intelligence

This time-saving tool allows companies to grow their lead lists and improve sales processes. Some of these tools include Nimble and Sales Navigator from LinkedIn.

Productivity and Collaboration Apps

Finally, productivity apps help maintain your sales team’s focus and productivity. Apps that promote collaboration such as google docs and dropbox are timesavers that are also included in this category.

So, what’s in your toolbox?

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