Limits to Sales Productivity and How to Avoid Them

Limits to Sales Productivity and How to Avoid Them

Let’s face it, when you imagine your sales team, you imagine them pitching, signing deals and selling all day long. But, in reality, this isn’t the case. Your team also chases down deals that won’t go through, sets up meetings with the wrong people and may even waste time on tasks that shouldn’t be prioritized.

While there are limits to sales productivity, you can also work with your team to create great goals and priorities that counteract these limits. Let’s take a look at a few:

1.  Social Selling

Social selling tools and the use of social media can be great. But, they can also generate a lot of poor quality leads if you’re not careful. This wastes your sales team’s time chasing down opportunities that aren’t very likely or aren’t of high quality. Make sure your social selling is strategic.

2. Lead Generation

Marketing isn’t your sales team’s job. If you want them to be productive, you need to have lead generation and marketing in place, taken care of by someone else. That way, your sales team can do what they do best: sell!

3. Creating the Process

Does your team have to create their own road map or does the company have one in place? How are contacts created and assigned? What supports are available for your team? There should be easy and clear pass-off points from your various departments to and from your sales team. If not, your sales person may get into the nitty gritty of delivering the product or service when that’s actually someone else’s job.

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