Creating Rapid Sales Growth Through the Sales Acceleration Cycle

Creating Rapid Sales Growth Through the Sales Acceleration Cycle

What do you want? Sales. Every company wants to grow sales, but sometimes they’re just not sure how to do it. What does it take to grow sales? A rapid sales acceleration cycle. We’ve made it easy to understand with an infographic that shows each step.

First, you need to define your competitive edge. This is what you offer differently from your competition, what sets you apart. There are 3 tasks related to this step: building a market strategy, developing a unique value proposition and understanding your value chain.

Then, you need to create awareness. However, your communication with your customers should be unique and tailored to them. You can do this by designing a message for each customer segment and knowing where your customers are (on social media, around town, at the library, etc.) In addition, invent opportunities for consumption of your services.

Next, it’s time to initiate contact. In this step, engage your customer segments with value added content they’ll find useful. Get feedback from your customers by implementing a mechanism that eases this process. Also, work on growing your following and reaching more of your target demographic.

In step 4, you need to build trust. Be useful, nurture relationships by reaching out and engaging conversation. Enrich your brand to give it a definitive character.

For step 5, you must actively engage. This is where your products and services must shine by delivering on your value proposition and creating an exceptional experience. Propel your business forward by empowering customers to share your story.

Last is all about cultivating. Once your customer has purchased from you, you need to ensure they’re customers for life. Create a warranty for your product and honor it. Continuously design to keep improving and meeting your customer’s needs.

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