Boost Your Revenue With One Simple Trick

Boost Your Revenue With One Simple Trick

Your sales revenue can grow greatly when you try this one simple trick.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Are you a specialist in the product or service being offered by your company? Perhaps, but the answer is more likely to be “no.” That means that when your company’s sales pitch outlines all of the fantastic things your product or service can do, you may be overshooting your customer’s ability to understand you.

The one simple, yet effective trick to boost your revenue is with a sales pitch makeover. Your sales pitch needs to be simple enough for a 6th grader to understand. That’s the trick.

Instead of using technical language that is difficult to understand, use clear language that clearly states what is great about your company and what you have to offer. People love simple, especially when they’re hearing about something outside of their specialty area.

Let’s take a look at an example:

–   Complex: Our 24 inch recessed handle dishwasher uses 269 kwh per year and features 300 series racks.

–   Simple: Our spacious dishwasher saves more energy and water than required by energy star and looks great in your kitchen.

Technical details such as the ones listed above don’t make it clear to the clients what specific benefits are offered. However, in the simple version, the customer can imagine exactly what the dishwasher can do for them.

A simple sales pitch can make the difference between making a sale and confusing your potential customer, sending them to search for answers elsewhere.

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