FREE Calgary Workshop: Lean Management

Brian Williams of StratIQ Consulting is proud to bring the Lean Management Workshop to Calgary, Alberta for the first time! Brian has trained multiple businesses in various sectors across North America on the significance of strong leadership and lean operations during difficult times. Whether you’re an independent financial advisor, manufacturer, law professional or retail business owner, […]

Boost Your Revenue With One Simple Trick

Your sales revenue can grow greatly when you try this one simple trick. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Are you a specialist in the product or service being offered by your company? Perhaps, but the answer is more likely to be “no.” That means that when your company’s sales pitch outlines all of the […]

Creating Rapid Sales Growth Through the Sales Acceleration Cycle

What do you want? Sales. Every company wants to grow sales, but sometimes they’re just not sure how to do it. What does it take to grow sales? A rapid sales acceleration cycle. We’ve made it easy to understand with an infographic that shows each step. First, you need to define your competitive edge. This is […]