FREE WEBINAR: How a Focused Strategy Drives Rapid Sales Growth

FREE WEBINAR: How a Focused Strategy Drives Rapid Sales Growth

Want to learn how to take your strategy into the market and drive a strong sales pipeline? Join StratIQ Consulting at 11am PST on November 16 for a free webinar titled, “How a Focused Strategy Drives Rapid Sales Growth.


In this FREE 1 hour webinar hosted by Brian Williams of StratIQ Consulting, you will learn:

  1. The 6 phases that will accelerate your sales
  2. An outline of how to jump start your sales & achieve massive growth in as little as 6 weeks
  3. How to integrate the sales cycle into the customer journey


About Brian Williams

Brian Williams is the founder of StratIQ Consulting, a company committed to providing valuable strategic marketing, operations, coaching, and finance consulting to startups and emerging and growing mid-sized businesses. With over 25 years of experience in the banking, insurance, retail, and defense intelligence sectors, Brian brings a diverse background to every client engagement with a focus on developing successful sales, marketing, and leadership programs.

Prior to devoting all of his energy to StratIQ Consulting, Brian spent 10 years in the US Army serving as a ranger and intelligence officer. After leaving active duty, he completed his MBA in leadership at the University of Washington. Brian is a proven motivator with a successful track record of leading local, regional, and national teams to achieve meaningful revenue goals. He also has experience with driving cost-effective talent acquisition; creating interdependent teams, profitable sales programs, and vision; and executing well-developed strategies.

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