Making Accurate Revenue Forecasts

Getting an accurate reading on upcoming revenue is very helpful for budget planning. With it, businesses can forecast and plan investments or create contingency plans when necessary. How can you ensure that you are getting an accurate forecast of your future revenue? Here are some tips. Check (and recheck) the Estimates If you ask your […]

FREE WEBINAR: How a Focused Strategy Drives Rapid Sales Growth

Want to learn how to take your strategy into the market and drive a strong sales pipeline? Join StratIQ Consulting at 11am PST on November 16 for a free webinar titled, “How a Focused Strategy Drives Rapid Sales Growth.”   In this FREE 1 hour webinar hosted by Brian Williams of StratIQ Consulting, you will learn: The 6 phases […]

Avoid Making These Sales Mistakes

In sales, mistakes can have a direct negative impact on revenue. However, if your team is making these mistakes, the silver lining is that you can learn from them. By learning from mistakes, sales teams can grow stronger and achieve more. So, what are some of the most common and easily avoided sales mistakes? 1. […]

Grow Your Sales Revenue with Training

High profits are a clear indicator that sales training boosts financial outcomes. HRMagazine published a report showing that training affects a company’s future success. There’s a direct relationship between dollars spent in training and increased profit margins across the board, with the highest investments of over $1500 per employee gaining a 24% profit margin over […]