Outbound vs. Inbound Leads – Which One Will Generate More Revenue?

Outbound vs. Inbound Leads – Which One Will Generate More Revenue?

Outbound versus inbound, traditional versus contemporary, tried and true versus new ways. Which is better for your company? This is a complex question. First, let’s get our definitions in order. What are outbound and inbound leads?


Traditional sales make up outbound leads. Tactics used include older marketing strategies such as TV ads, radio ads, cold calling, and even cold emailing. Online, you will find outbound marketing in the form of banner ads that pop up while you’re surfing. This method has many advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that people are often annoyed with interruptions and in your face advertising. On the flip side, it still works and can generate immediate leads for your company. You can also target your audience through a variety of tactics.


This is the new world of marketing—SEO optimization and content marketing strategies draw potential customers to the company. For example, someone does a search for exercise tips, gets drawn into reading a blog written by a company that sells equipment, and the reader ends up making a purchase. Also in this realm is the permission to advertise. For example, people “like” brands on Facebook and opt in for company email updates, which gives organizations permission to contact potential customers.

Every company must keep track of analytics carefully to determine which strategy to invest in at any given time. One important note is that inbound traffic takes a while to build up. So if you need reliable revenue fast, outbound may be your best bet to get started. For a full evaluation of your company and the strategies that may work best for you, contact StratIQ.

Author: Lauren McMurray, StratIQ Consulting
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