FREE WEBINAR: Developing a Market Strategy

FREE WEBINAR: Developing a Market Strategy

As a business owner, you must be keenly aware of the market place you are entering into, the competition, and your own strengths and vulnerabilities. An effective market strategy will allow your company or organization to focus your resources on the best opportunities that will increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

To learn more about how to identify and evaluate existing conditions and capabilities, estimate possible competitive courses of action, and gain assistance in the development of your own action plan, join StratIQ Consulting at 11am PST on September 14 for a free webinar titled, “Developing a Market Strategy: The ONE Thing You Must ABSOLUTELY Do In Order to Succeed.

Developing a Market Strategy: The ONE Thing You Must ABSOLUTELY Do In Order to Succeed

In this free 1 hour webinar, you will learn:

1. Key things you need to do to define your market strategy.
2. How a well-implemented market strategy will dramatically increase sales.
3. How to understand your product, customers and competition.
4. How to connect your strategy to your organization & resources.


About Brian Williams
Brian Williams is the founder of StratIQ Consulting, a company committed to providing valuable strategic marketing, operations, coaching, and finance consulting to startups and emerging and growing mid-sized businesses. With over 25 years of experience in the banking, insurance, retail, and defense intelligence sectors, Brian brings a diverse background to every client engagement with a focus on developing successful sales, marketing, and leadership programs.

Prior to devoting all of his energy to StratIQ Consulting, Brian spent 10 years in the US Army serving as a ranger and intelligence officer. After leaving active duty, he completed his MBA in leadership at the University of Washington. Brian is a proven motivator with a successful track record of leading local, regional, and national teams to achieve meaningful revenue goals. He also has experience with driving cost-effective talent acquisition; creating interdependent teams, profitable sales programs, and vision; and executing well-developed strategies. You can find more information on Brian at

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