Business Leaders Who Have Changed the World

Business Leaders Who Have Changed the World

Business Leaders Who Have Changed the World

From Steve Jobs to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Warren Buffett to Bill Gates, we all know of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and mavericks who have changed the world with their ideas and actions and whose influence extends beyond the business world. What most of us don’t know is what characteristics these exceptional people have in common.

Foremost, they trust themselves and follow through on their ideas. They have intuition, but more important, they listen to that inner voice. Intuition is not a supernatural phenomenon. It is a combination of your total knowledge, experience, thinking, and present mindset. And, it can be your co-pilot.

Fresh thinking is essential. As the world of technology evolves, new problems arise daily as old problems return to haunt. Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the co-founders of Microsoft, did not even think of the past as they worked up the first operating system for the first personal computer. They simply surveyed the challenge and relentlessly searched for the answer.

They are curious. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the co-founders of Google, continually ask questions and probe the answers to see whether they work.

They engage their imagination. They think of what may be possible. They think big. Imagination is a gift, but it also can be cultivated.

Last but not least, they are bold, sometimes in a brash way, sometimes in a gentle way. They push and poke beyond what others, even their own mentors, have done. They do not hesitate when they know they are right. A strong positive attitude carries them forward, far forward.

Author: Lauren McMurray, StratIQ Consulting
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