5 Habits That Make a Great Leader

5 Habits That Make a Great Leader

5 Habits That Make a Great Leader

While everyone has their own unique leadership style, there are definitely some commonalities in great leaders. By being aware of the habits great leaders exhibit, you too can incorporate them into your leadership style. What are they? Here are our top five habits that make a great leader.

Set the Tone 

It’s the leader’s job to model and cultivate healthy communication among all team members. Empathy, particularly, is a key characteristic in this communication. According to researchers Nancy J. Cooke and Margaret L. Hilton, creating a positive team climate is often a result of great leadership, which encourages inclusion and open communication. How can you do it? Keep a positive attitude, make sure you ask all team members for their opinions and input, and take time for one-on-ones with team members to discuss their concerns and celebrate their success.


A great leader makes a habit of showing gratitude. Good for the emotional health of the leader and others around them, saying “thank you” is a wonderful way to renew energy and motivate the team. There are many ways to show gratefulness. Give thanks by writing a quick email, stopping by a team member’s desk, making a lunch date, or simply make a point of giving thanks in a meeting.


Great leaders don’t try to accomplish everything on their own. They delegate work and allow others the space to get things done—no micromanaging or hovering.

Personal Time

Even everyday habits such as taking a true lunch break and leaving the office at a decent hour are routines that will increase a great leader’s productivity and effectiveness. Numerous studies and projects such as The Energy Project have shown that using breaks effectively can increase rather than decrease productivity.


Overly proud leaders are rarely in touch with how they may come across to others. Great leaders make a habit of maintaining a humble presence and valuing others. By valuing others, you will create a dynamic that motivates and uplifts your team to do their best.

Author: Lauren McMurray, StratIQ Consulting
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