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How Does StratIQ
work with our clients?

Are you looking for ways to accelerate the growth of your business, career or professional practice?

StratIQ designs customized programs focused on action oriented, measurable results. By combining your vision, personal and professional goals, we are committed to helping every client take decisive actions focused on breaking through to the next level and achieve desired outcomes.

Business Consulting
You may have a great idea, but do you have the strategy to bring your idea to life? StratIQ Consulting will help you discover your strengths, improve your weaknesses and increase your revenue through strategic marketing, operations, coaching, and finance consulting. Our goal is to help transform and grow your business by providing you with the proper insight and tools to understand the inner workings of your business.
Leader & Team Development
Success starts with you and your team. We work with leaders to help align resources, improve efficiencies, and build a goal-oriented company culture so that objectives can be realized.

Market Strategy
Sales and Marketing is the lifeblood of any company. Acquiring market share can be a challenge for any firm. We work with clients to understand precisely how they can compete and develop the tools necessary to achieve specific top-line growth.
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StratIQ Consulting welcomes the opportunity to work with you to create your personal algorithm for success.
We are happy to offer you ideas, resources, and information to start your journey to creating your magic number.
Successful Outcomes
Kathryn B

Brian is brilliant! As a big picture thinker, I’ve always been very clear on my vision for my business, but I didn’t necessarily know how to get from point A to point B. With StratIQ Consulting’s expertise in business operations and finance consulting, we’ve developed and implemented a strategy that cuts costs and improves our team’s efficiencies, resulting in more opportunity for growth!

Alex Frost
Alex Frost, QuickFlora

Brian has been instrumental in helping us formulate our sales and marketing strategy this year. We highly recommend him to any company looking to make quick forward progress.


The StratIQ Blog is all about developing effective, common sense, and action oriented strategies-that really work!
My posts strive to give viewers tips on how to:

  • Develop an effective strategy
  • Establish linked action oriented goals
  • Foster great relationships in teams
  • Implement leadership and team action roadmaps
  • Look for resources that fuel a business, vision, professional career
  • Cultivate a situational leadership mindset

Articles designed to turn an idea, strategy or vision into a healthy and thriving enterprise or career.


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